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Welcome to the dynamic world of Change & Transformation!

Empowering leaders, professionals, facilitators to drive change successfully and, make sense of it and be successful and confident in leading the business, their teams, and themselves as part of professional and personal transformation journeys.

After almost 20 years in business, working internationally, traveling to 30+ countries, and still counting, I can confirm that change is indeed the only constant in life.

And it can be messy, hard, take forever, and scary. But in every transformation, there is the beauty of progress, celebrating milestones and discovering how to connect better, collaborate and communicate.

I am happy to have worked in global teams, lived in Europe and the Americas, and worked in almost every region.

My passion is empowering leaders to navigate change and transformation in the best way possible, whether at a business, team, or personal level. And this means change as part of large-scale transformations, mergers/acquisitions, change of business direction/strategy, implementation of new IT infrastructure, but also the implementation of more specific strategic - at times driven by society - initiatives focused on DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) or sustainability.

This blog aims to shape at least some order in the dynamic, messy, and fast-changing world that forces us to change our ways of working, processes, business models, and strategy, but also how we connect, collaborate, and communicate with each other. At times, we appear powerless and jump into reaction mode to adapt as soon as possible and then move on as if nothing has happened.

As a person, I get energy from learning, discovering, exploring, and transferring knowledge. Call me nerdy or curious - that's who I am. I love to develop new ways to transform and empower professionals to take charge of their leadership journey.

I go beyond conventional methods and frameworks. Be it by coaching/mentoring others, conducting workshops, or developing (online) training. Using different perspectives, my experiences, and my (cultural) background, I can be direct to the point and like to keep things simple.

So besides knowledge, trends, and updates about change management, transformation, personal development, and DEI, you will also find posts about leadership development on the softer side. I incorporate mindfulness, self-awareness, mental health, and well-being into everything I do.


Because it took me time to realize that who we are, determines what we do and how we see and sense the world around us. How we influence others and how we are being perceived.

I work with leaders that want to make an impact in companies where uncertainty thrives. Usually, the status quo is challenged, what used to be normal is no longer valid, and the culture is being changed profoundly. It's tempting to dive into content, numbers, project deliverables, and objectives to get started as soon as possible and finish in time according to plan.

But driving change takes more than that. It all starts with WHY. People want to know why the world that works so well is being disrupted and what it means for them, their job, and their sense of security and comfort.

Essential for a leader is to understand the WHY at a personal level. Self-awareness and purpose come to mind as starting points. The way to discover that is to take a few steps back and create a way to become mindful of what you do, where you are, and what you want to do.


What's that? WIIFM (What is In It for Me) is part of the PROSCI framework, one of the most used change management frameworks today. It's one of the questions people ask when they become part of a transformation or other change initiative - they wonder what the impact is and how they will (or won't) benefit.

So back to this blog... What Is In It For You? This blog should give valuable updates and insights you can use in your daily work. We keep up with the trends and proven tools and bring these to your virtual doorstep! With the right blend of relevant, practical, and innovative insights.

Enjoy the journey!

Change is the only constant. And impacts us more than we usually realize, not only at a business or professional level, but first of all personally.

Leading the change from your core is essential whether you're a new, aspiring, or mid-career leader. Remember to enjoy the (change) journey!

Embrace Changing offers services and (online) training to create impactful and practical tools for leaders to enjoy the journey and be more successful and confident in taking up new challenges and/or leading change in an ever-moving environment.

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