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Individual services

Individual services are focused on helping you to improve your (soft) leadership and/or business skills, to take the next steps in realizing your full potential, goals, and improve your results. 

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Authentic Leadership Coaching

Do you feel you’re not levering your full potential and therefore are unable to perform at your best? Or are you unable to fully bring yourself, your experience, and your skillset to the table? Perhaps you struggle to get to the next level?

I am here to help you to make sure you identify your objectives and define a clear action plan to move forward or upward. 


This is for ambitious mid-career professionals who like to take the next step into an area that feels closer to their heart, where they can truly make an impact and be their unique self. 


Because you’re unique and deserve to feel happy and fulfilled with what you do every day.

Cross-cultural Coaching

Do you lead international teams, or are you part of a cross-cultural team? Are you working with teams in different countries?


No doubt you have experienced different communication styles, negotiation styles, perspectives, working styles, etc.


Ways of doing business differ across cultures. 


I have worked in and across countries in Europe, The Americas, Africa, Asia, and I have navigated the cultural landscape extensively. I help teams to improve communication and collaboration.

I use proven tools, my experiences, cultural sensitivity, and practices to help you to increase your effectiveness, impact, and performance in today’s diverse environment.

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Career development

Do you feel ready for a career change, but not sure where to start? Would you like to make a change in your career, after many years and do something different? 


In different phases of your life, you may feel you stand at this crossing and are unsure which way to go. 


I guide you in creating clarity and understanding of what would be the best move to make, based on your goals, values, passion, and strengths.


We’ll work together to understand what options work best for you, where you want to do it, and how to get there.


Because you deserve to have a career that makes you happy.

Inclusive leadership skills

Do you lead a diverse team and/or like to increase your impact and effectiveness working in/with a diverse team? 

It can be challenging to include everyone’s voice in your decision-making.


People have different ways of expressing themselves, voice their opinion, and communicate. 


Not only is diversity a key element to be successful in today’s working environment, but it is also more important than ever to create a safe working environment where people feel safe, heard, and free to be who they are. 

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