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Change Management

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Business Transformation

We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges ~ Tim Berners - Lee

What we do

We provide customized advisory services, training, workshop facilitation, and coaching solutions, to create success in an ever-moving fast-changing world.

We help leaders and their teams to thrive today and prepare for tomorrow, focusing on

sustainability, resilience, and agility.

Our Mission is to...

Empower teams and leaders of international growth companies and educational institutions to execute and embed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategies effectively and to manage Change and (Digital) Transformations. 

Find out more about how we can help you and your business!



Inclusive Leadership - beyond diversity and inclusion

Do you want to create a fostering inclusive culture in your organization? Develop a sense of belonging among your employees?

Would you like to truly leverage the potential of your diverse team, and drive innovation and performance?

We facilitate team workshops and help you to define the DEI strategy. Additionally, we design and lead customized training around DEI themes, such as unconscious bias, cross-cultural communication, collaboration, and awareness.

Not only is diversity a key element to being successful in today’s working environment, but it is also more important than ever to create a safe working environment where people feel heard, seen, and free to be who they are. 

Cultural Change Management

Are you implementing a new system or solution or transforming your (commercial) strategy? Perhaps it's time for a new direction. Adapting your company culture to a new situation is the key success factor for a smooth transition.


Change can be seen as daunting and unnecessary and create uncertainty. Change fatigue can creep in when change is not managed appropriately. 

Change management is all about changing the (sub)culture in your organization when adapting and implementing change initiatives or (large) transformations, or implementing, revising, or defining your DEI strategy.

With years of leading multimillion global transformation and change projects experience and equipped with the latest knowledge and expertise, Embrace Changes empowers leaders and their teams to lead and embed lasting culture change effectively. 

Cross-Cultural Management Skill Development - Creating a foundation for today and tomorrow

When you want to navigate and manage yourself (and others) across markets and increase your awareness of your own cultural style and habits. 

This will lead to a better understanding of how you can navigate effectively across and within different cultures.

We coach cross-cultural leaders and teams to strengthen their leadership skills in dynamic, international teams. With a clear focus on interpersonal skills, connection, and well-being, aligned with the demands post-pandemic and beyond.


Find out how we can work together...combining expertise in change management/transformations and working with diverse teams, leaders, and businesses, we have created a strong proposition to thrive in complex and dynamic situations. 

In today's world, companies are navigating unprecedented internal and external changes. This has a profound impact on team performance and personal well-being. 

Here are a few examples of what we do:

  • We help you to define and communicate the 'Why' of your initiatives. What is your vision, mission, and purpose? How does this fit into the overall strategy?

  • Creating a common understanding and goal is critical. A communication plan establishes a clear message among all teams. Consistent and clear two-way communication is essential for buy-in and long-term success.

  • Embrace Changes helps to develop clear plans and strategies and provide training/workshops to leaders and teams around topics such as change impact, digital transformation, unconscious bias, diverse team collaboration, communication 

  • We empower leaders to navigate fast-changing environments and transformations and the cultural impact. We map the 'as-is' versus the 'desired' state and help to understand the gap and steps to get there. 

  • We develop your change management strategy and roadmap and create metrics to track progress and effectiveness. That way, you can adjust and celebrate success when milestones are achieved!

  • We develop and facilitate interactive strategy team (building) sessions, workshops, and training focusing on change management (digital transformation) and DEI.

Meet Stephanie

Based on years of experience and an intense passion for driving professional & business transformations and change management through impactful communication and collaboration, proven strategies and methods across cross-cultural teams, 'Embrace Changes' was born.

As a certified business and leadership coach working across cultures in various countries, I have experienced how challenging it can be to be successful when going through business or professional transformations.

I aim to empower companies, leaders, and teams to navigate impactful transformations, culture change, and DEI strategies successfully, with clarity and confidence. 

Mountain Ridge

“It is not our differences that divide us.

It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” 

Audre Lorde


Stephanie has powerful human skills to lead change management in her projects and as a colleague was a joy to work together. Her positive energy and engagement were valued not just by myself, but also by her peers, who often relied on her to get the job done.

Cesar Carillo, Head of Operational Excellence,

JBS, Denmark

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