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Do you want your change or transformation initiatives to get the results you envision?

Or would you like your employees to perform at their best and work in innovative ways while sharing common values, objectives, and contribute to your results and mission?

Research has shown that diversity of thinking increases innovation by 20% and enables groups to spot risks,

reducing these by up to 30%

Transform your culture and business performance to the next level

I help you to bring your diverse teams to the next level where connection, communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation are encouraged, as part of your transitions or transformation efforts.

I also help to strengthen your cross-cultural competencies, set up a plan to train and coach your teams or leaders individually and improve your results, effectiveness, and alignment in your business or leadership.

The focus is to translate soft measures into concrete results and making sure that your change initiatives are successful and sustainable.


My clients are entrepreneurial, innovative companies that operate in dynamic, international environments. I work with (starting) teams that face company transitions, transformations, or mergers/acquisitions.


I also provide 1:1 coaching for ambitious mid-career professionals who are ready to improve their soft skills, cross-cultural management skills, inclusive leadership skills, or create their authentic leadership style.

Meet Stephanie

My name is Stephanie Markus. I am a certified business and leadership coach, with16+ years of international leadership experience in multiple countries for leading multinationals.

I have worked in commercial functions and led impactful, global multimillion change and transformation programs across various regions.

From my passion for helping companies, teams, and individuals to improve performance during transitions in their international business/career, 'Embrace Changes,' was born.

I specialize in reaching desired results and impacting change and transformation by leveraging inclusion, diversity of skills and talent, and cross-cultural skills.  


Individual services are focused on helping you to improve your (soft) leadership and/or business skills, to take the next steps in realizing your full potential, goals, and improve your results. Business services are customized to your goals and needs.


Embrace Changes offers services in the areas below.

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Do you like to enhance your team communication, collaboration, or enhance your team performance? 

Or do you need facilitation of team building events, and guidance during your strategy/roadmap sessions?

Inclusive Leadership

Do you want to create a fostering inclusive culture in your organization?

Would you like to truly leverage the potential of your diverse team, and drive innovation and performance?

Cultural Change Management

Change management is all about changing the (sub)culture in your organization, to adapt and implement the change.

Are you in a change/transition? Or starting a new collaboration with another partner/company? Adapting your company culture to the new situation is the key success factor for a smooth transition.

Cross-Cultural Management Skill Development

Dealing with different cultures is a critical success factor for international businesses.

Would you like to enhance the cross-cultural (soft) skills of your (overseas) employees, to enhance performance and leadership effectiveness?

1:1 Coaching

Embrace Changes offers 1:1 coaching for global professionals and business owners focusing on authentic leadership, career development and cross-cultural skills development


“Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change” 

Richard Branson


Stephanie has powerful human skills to lead change management in her projects and as a colleague was a joy to work together. Her positive energy and engagement were valued not just by myself, but also by her peers, who often relied on her to get the job done.

Cesar Carillo, Head of Operational Excellence,

JBS, Denmark

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