Cross-CulturalConsulting and  Personal Branding 

Stand out from the crowd

Do you choose to 'fit in' or to 'stand out'?

Research has shown that diversity of thinking increases innovation by 20% and enables groups to spot risks,

reducing these by up to 30%.

Diversity and inclusion are the ingredients to improve performance, competitiveness, and gain credibility and trust. 

Bring your culture, impact, and business performance to the next level

I help you define, craft, and communicate your value proposition through authentic internal and external branding.

But diversity and inclusion are not just part of advertisements or the use of specific and accurate language.

It needs to be part of your company culture and DNA. 


Your clients and (potential) employees are eager to experience how you live up to your promises and ambitions.

It starts with you... 

I also help to strengthen the cross-cultural competencies of your leaders and teams. In today's increasingly remote, yet connected world, the soft skills to lead teams composed of a variety of people are key to success. Make sure you use your resources optimally. Looking at race, gender, sexuality ensures a good mix of people in your team. But how do you make sure everyone feels heard, understood, seen, and safe? I help to train and coach your teams and/or leaders.


Create your unique voice.

whether you're an international professional who wants to move to the next level in your career or company who wants to craft or shape your message, or want a complete revamp of your brand to get noticed, we've got you. 

I have helped many leaders with a diverse background, to discover their unique strengths, craft their 'value' message and communicate authentically.


Call it 'professional, with a personal touch'.


I also provide 1:1 coaching for mid-career professionals.

Do you feel it's time to improve certain skills to be more effective, grow, make a next step in your career or business? Contact me and see how I can help you in your unique process. 

Meet Stephanie

I help international companies and professionals to (re)discover their unique voice and shape and share their message. To connect with their new boss, customers and other parties.

As a certified business and leadership coach, with17+ years of international leadership experience, I have seen how hard it can be to bring your message across if you're unable to find your 'edge' and include your personality.

Especially in times of change and uncertainty, your brand may experience growth or change of direction, where a fresh perspective is necessary to capture this in your messaging.

I wanted to help diverse professionals, business owners and businesses to use their uniqueness to their advantage. 


Based on my experience and passion to drive professional & business transformations through impactful messaging, communication, and branding, 'Embrace Changes' was born.


Individual services are focused on helping you to improve your (soft) leadership and/or business skills, to take the next steps in realizing your full potential, goals, and improve your results. Business services are customized to your goals and needs.


Embrace Changes offers services in the areas below.



Inclusive Leadership

Do you want to create a fostering inclusive culture in your organization?

Would you like to truly leverage the potential of your diverse team, and drive innovation and performance?

Cultural Change Management

Change management is all about changing the (sub)culture in your organization, to adapt and implement the change.

Are you in a change/transition? Or starting a new collaboration with another partner/company? Adapting your company culture to the new situation is the key success factor for a smooth transition.

Cross-Cultural Management Skill Development

When you want to navigate and manage yourself (and others) across markets and increase your awareness of your own cultural style and habits. 

This will lead to better understanding of how you can navigate effectively across and within different cultures.


“Stand out or don't bother” 

Sally Hogshead


Stephanie has powerful human skills to lead change management in her projects and as a colleague was a joy to work together. Her positive energy and engagement were valued not just by myself, but also by her peers, who often relied on her to get the job done.

Cesar Carillo, Head of Operational Excellence,

JBS, Denmark

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