About Embrace Changes

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” 
― Leo Tolstoy

Welcome to Embrace Changes!

Embrace Changes is about making sure that you are ready for the next challenge that life brings. As the world around us is never at a standstill, so do we continuously experience change in our professional and personal live. Perhaps you move, you're getting promoted, or like to start your own business, you like to make a switch or become a first time people manager. Things probably won't be the same as they are today. 

As your life evolves, it's likely that you encounter a few crossroads and need someone that helps you to make that next step.

I help you to work towards reaching your professional goals. As our career and ambitions usually also impact your personal life and vice versa, the impact of our work may enhance your life beyond expectations! This has been my passion, during my latest experiences in Europe and Latin America as an internal consultant, where I was always eager to enhance teams and executives performance by approaching challenges from different perspectives, which resulted in innovative ways to cope with the business changes, based on their own unique circumstances. 

Our approach

Embrace Changes uses proven business advisory tools that are tailored specifically for your situation. We'll have targeted, and focused sessions to make sure you derive the values and objectives that have been set and aligned. It's great to see how people develop and change over time when adopting different perspectives, which helps them to develop over time and facing difficulties heads on.

For female executives, Embrace Changes has developed a specific 'coaching toolbox', tailored to the unique needs and challenges women face, while targeting their full potential and ambitions in their (corporate) career journey.

We love to hear from you and see how we can work together! 

About Embrace Changes 

Founder: Stephanie Markus

MBA in Strategic & International Management (2003)

Executive Coaching training, Center for Executive Coaching (2019)

Lean Management Trainer, Signify (previous Philips Lighting) (2018)



With Embrace Changes, I aim to make a positive impact on the lives and future of my clients. I have a great passion to help people to reach their true potential!

Professional Experience

15+ years of international management assignments in Europe and  Latin America (team/individual coaching & capability development, risk management, digital business transformation, global program management, strategy development and implementation, change management, lean management, continuous improvement) 

Hobbies: Running, traveling, hiking, cycling, swimming, crossfit, reading, cooking and enjoying good food. 

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